The Strength of Wedding Chakra

While the nationwide lockdown is slowly coming to a close, with a set of rules and limitations, large gathering of the public like weddings still remain a ban. Which of course has been done in the interest of public health and safety to fight against the pandemic. Well, on the other hand, this has put an enormous financial strain on the wedding industry.

The nation went into a lockdown in mid March 2020 to fight the spread of the novel Covid-19, which had forced couples and families to either cancel or postpone their weddings. Over the last couple of weeks, several event planners, designers, decorators, florists, photographers and venues have been pushed to their limits.

Vetri & Sasi, founders of Wedding Chakra, had about 12 wedding orders cancelled over just about a week in March. “The revenue has quickly drained and we have lost about 60 lakhs due to the cancellation. We had in fact expected a good growth this year.” A lot of people have requested for refunds, however, Vetri added, “It’s very difficult telling people no. As soon as an order gets confirmed, we receive an advance which in turn goes into paying our various vendors, employees and other unexpected financial challenges. Like any other business, there are multiple investments here too.”

Despite the fact that the income has completely stopped at Wedding Chakra like rest of the industry, Sasi says they have managed to keep their team of 22 employed and help them by doing the best we can. “I had never really thought of putting a strain on our team or ever thought of down sizing the team as an option. We have to take care of our family and Wedding Chakra is our family. I worry about them a little more.” Vetri and Sasi are being optimistic against all the odds and have faith, “We are going to hold our ground and keep to stay afloat. But is it going to be tough? Of course, but we will get through this together. This too shall pass.”

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