Wedding Chakra gets creative with chennai’s microweddings to help couples celebrate their D-day

While some couples have had to postpone their wedding day, there are some who can not avoid the celebration moods. Thus the concept of “Micro wedding” that Wedding Chakra has come up to help the couples and their families not compromise on their celebrations. If not for the Coronavirus, this is the current wedding season in India. We used to have at least 3 wedding decorations every day. However, couples have been having a tough time making decisions caused by the pandemic. While only a small percentage of the population has not let the impact stop them, many have postponed their big day. For these small percentage of the crowd who cannot do so, Wedding Chakra is getting creative to ease the burden for the couples. Your celebration can happen in your house or in a small banquet hall with a gathering of not more than 20-30 of your most intimate family and friends. Your special day could be as mesmerizing and personal too without the need for grand and lavish wedding plans.
Sasi, owner of Wedding Chakra says “Use your own house or even a terrace for your wedding making use of the best available resources and space.” She also added, “We can see it as an upside and not consider this as a space constraint, We would like to look at it positively, allowing us to get very creative with the space given.”
Vetri waits to see when the venues reopen and the kind of social distancing protocols are followed. “The micro wedding concept is an opportunity to be economical, Intimate and simple” He smiles. “The biggest difference that we might see with micro wedding vs. a regular wedding is the guest count”
And that is actually going to be the future of weddings coming soon. Micro Weddings can include anywhere from just 5 to 40 guests, who are very close to you. Another important factor in celebrating a micro wedding is the time duration. We encourage the decor setups 2-3 hours with a minimal number of people who are completely sanitized and maintain the hygiene factor as a priority. While the timeline of the event will also be shortened. Reduced ceremonies and prayers, a faster approach to complete all the traditions, followed by photographs and food. The package that comes with photography includes Livestreaming as a part of their service as well. Allowing your friends not to be able to miss out on your special time. As for the small venues and special banquet halls or hotels, after the event, They immediately sanitize everything for the next couple and their guests.
There are a lot of people, laborers, decorators, florists, caterers, and many more who have lost their jobs, and continuing the weddings is a way to be able to financially aid while you still can enjoy the luxurious home decors from Wedding Chakra.
If you would like to know more about how we can make your day special. Get in touch with us or simply WhatsApp us on +91 73737 83333
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