“Safe wedding” by Wedding Chakra

guess what the new reality is. Health and safety, updated wedding formats, and guest experience for couples planning their wedding during the COVID-19.

Chennai – As the world begins to ease out of their lockdowns and isolation, “Wedding Chakra” a leading event planning and management company, shares how the wedding is seen now. Most of the couples who already had their engagement are panning not to cancel, and are rescheduling for later this year or the next year.
“Times are difficult and the most celebrated times of couples’ lives have been halted,” said Sasi, Owner of Wedding Chakra. “But love is never canceled.”
While the rest of the world slowly is getting back up, Many states are implementing guidelines limiting a large number of guests gathering in one place, while Wedding Chakra anticipates weddings will be celebrated in very unique ways we haven’t thought of before the pandemic. Because one factor will always be constant – The desire for human connection and celebrations with loved ones. Being a leading wedding industry specialist, Wedding chakra shares some of its health and safety measures and redefine the guest experience.
Sanitizing for couples, vendors, and venues
Never did we think sanitizing products will play such an important part of a wedding. We have thought of safety measures for wedding décor, the couples, guests, and, venues. Having mutual thoughts, venues like Sheraton Grand, Feather’s, and many of our favorite venues have cooperated to setup “sanitization tunnels” and hand sanitizers as a part of the wedding décor. Providing personalized sanitizer bottles in the welcome kits or as return gifts. for eco-friendly supporters, we organize sanitizers in glass bottles rather than plastics that get disposed of in large.
Masks & Gloves are Staples
Essentially, couples provide gloves and masks that are colorful and match the theme to be a part of the fashion accessory. Couples have adopted the gloves with handshakes as a compulsory part. Apart from Wedding Chakra team, every other vendor will be required to wear personal protective equipment, very specifically catering staff and bartenders who serve the guests.
Open-air and Lawns are in demand
Couples and family now prefer open-air or lawn oriented venues over banquet halls and enclosed spaces, keeping social distancing in mind. Even if there are not a lot of guests, dense crowds will still be a prime concern. Again guest experience plays an important role, couples are relieving the guests feeling confined. Also providing shorter ceremonies with more room for standing. Gone are the days family expecting all of their relatives on a small stage during the prime time. Seatings are also placed accordingly providing a lot of space.
However, greeting each guest is etiquette and respectful for the couple and their family members, gloves play a vital role during such unavoidable situations. Wedding Chakra will place social distancing norms and notices wherever possible.
Micro Weddings
In our recently composed blog about micro wedding, We have discussed the pros of having a small and intimate wedding with celebrations involving your closest family and friends. Couple’s reduction in guest count creates a unique macro experience like a lovely sit-down brunch and emotional for some.
For the couple and family who cannot think of a wedding without the guest count reduction as an option, are now planning for multiple weddings. This multiwedding trend allows the couple to satisfy a larger guest list and celebrate their life event with a series of events with different groups of guests. Multiweddings happen over a span of time instead of just one day of the long event timeline.
Zoom Weddings
The live streaming for faraway friends and family is the latest buzz. This year onwards, guests who are uncomfortable traveling or unable to travel will not miss out on family weddings. While the rituals are taking place, one camera is the eyes and ears for all your long-distance loved ones to cherish the time and throw in some blessings.
Wedding Planning will continue
Couples planning weddings for the end of the year or even 2021 and beyond, there will be a lot of things to keep in mind while planning. Wedding planning can be done in the comfort of your home with our zoom meetings rather than direct meets. We are conducting virtual appointments, getting to know the couples and styles just as they would in a direct meet. We are constantly thinking about the new reality of wedding celebrations and how important it is for couples. We are pretty certain and confident in saying couples, Venue, and wedding vendors are all working together to assure that weddings can go on without any concerns of safety while maintaining the fun and lovely space couples have dreamt of.
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