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Indian weddings used to be extravagant and considered a prime luxury affair and galore. Every ritual has its own significant reasons as well with symbolic meanings and preachings. Balancing out the beauty of traditional rituals and the current trend of style is emphasized by the kind of decor that you choose.
I know everyone is a research analyst when it comes to planning your won wedding from Wedmegood to just a mere Google search. You are provided with a platter of options when it comes to inspirations for your wedding decor. With the right decor, the pictures will be evidently better and will always ring memory of your happy day.
Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing decor:
1. Size of the place and your ritual area. This is to be mainly considered as it should have the capacity to hold enough space for close family, friends, and priests.
2. Ignoring the lighting is as bad a missing out on the decor itself. When setting the wedding stage or backdrops, the proper arrangements of lighting to enhance the setup is essential, but also should not take away the attraction from the bride and groom themselves. top lightings are the best way for any setup to give it the eccentric looks.
3. Flowers never go out of style. It is a brilliant way to enhance the setup, stage, and aisle. Beautiful and pastel-colored flowers add a touch of elegant feel to any place.
4. Backdrop, Stage, and props. All these together when matched right give you the perfect symphony of a decor. The background should match with the mandap and entry arches.
5. Ideally consider a color scheme or theme that blends the overall decor. Try and weigh out the options of different combinations based on your interest.
6. Seating plays a vital role, Theatrical or rounds seating, with scenic decor and lovely colors with candlelit lanterns giving the entire setup a very trendy vibe.
Need more help with the decor and planning?
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